Sholam Weiss

Sholam Weiss is the son of Auschwitz Holocaust survivors. After the war, his parents immigrated to the United States, where his father owned and operated a fruit store in Brooklyn, New York to support nine children. Mr. Weiss was raised in an orthodox Jewish community, and received no formal education other than religious schooling. Upon his graduation at the Yeshivah, he worked as a small general contractor, and in 1974 bought a plumbing supply company.


In 1990, Mr. Weiss became a financial consultant and worked with a number of people, primarily in the Jewish community.


In 2000, he was sentenced to a grossly unjust 845 years for money laundering, and $125 million in restitution, in connection with the National Heritage Life Insurance Company financial collapse.  In 2009, his sentence was reduced by only 10 years, to 835 years.


In 2016, the government acknowledged that his his restitution was fully paid.  Satisfaction of Restitution


However, he was not responsible for losses to the company, and restitution should never have been imposed.  SeeNo Losses“.


The government made Mr. Weiss the public face for the insurance company’s failure, when in fact it was the officers of National Heritage who were responsible!  He got involved with National Heritage to save the company from ruin, and invested his own money into it.  SeeNational Heritage“.


Mr. Weiss has spent the last 17 years attempting to vindicate himself, and Austria has continually requested the United States to commute his 835-year sentence to time-served.  SeeAustrian Support“.


While in prison, he has served as Rabbi to other Jewish inmates, teaching the culture and background of the Jewish religion, and providing spiritual guidance and motivational support.

Mr. Weiss has been married for 40 years and has 5 married children and 30 grandchildren.